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Watch Videos of Polygem Products in Action

There are many uses for Epoxy. Check out these videos from our partners who use our custom formulations.
Zoopoxy Reptile Enclosure
Watch this DIY reptile enclosure video. This shows how to make a background using epoxy from the Polygem Zoopoxy product line. 
Armorcoat "Under the Sea"
Gil Chavez from https://gchavezgroup.com/ used our Armorcoat Hardcoat Zoopoxy to help create this "Under the Sea" Mini Golf course! Attached is the video he created from beginning to end, showing details, tips and the golf course owners reaction!! It's priceless! We could not be more proud of the way this turned out using Armorcoat!
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Cracked Foundation Repair with LCR Repair Kit

Free Shipping on all Polygem LCR Products. Watch this video to get started.
Repair leaks in basement foundation cracks with the easy to use LCR - Liquid Concrete Repair Kit. The repair kit is available at Menards or buy now on our website.

307 FR LITE 10 Second Burn Test

How to Use Zoopoxy

How to Mix Polygem Two Part Sculpting Epoxy Putty - 307 Lite by BillyDillardArt

Polygem Decorative Epoxy Flooring Solutions

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