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About Polygem Epoxy

Polygem, Inc. manufactures sculpting and flooring epoxies, urethanes and silicones for various industries and markets such as: Construction, Waterproofing, Mining, Industrial/Commercial, Flooring, Electrical, Sculpting, Zoological and DIY. Polygem, Inc. has been custom formulating epoxies for over forty years and has created over 1,800 unique formulations. Polygem, Inc. continues to create new formulas and improve existing products to meet current test standards and industry demands.
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Custom Formulation

Polygem, Inc. produces only 100% solid epoxies of the highest possible quality utilizing the finest raw materials and ingredients available.


Polygem, Inc. develops, manufactures, packages and ships all products direct from our 25,000 square foot facility in West Chicago, Illinois located 30 miles west of Chicago.

Quality Control

A strict quality control program inspects each product for consistency, color and stoichiometry ensuring product performance and customer satisfaction.

Polygem provides complete formulating & Manufacturing Services

Polygem offers unique services to meet industries and everyday epoxy uses.

  • Custom Formulating
  • Custom Packaging
  • Private Labeling
  • Toll Production
  • Export Service Worldwide
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